The Transition Campaign was a SUCCESS!!!

We are ready to roll in Bellingham! I am declaring our transition campaign a success. What an incredible series of crazy and obvious miracles has happened to launch this church! Our biggest contributor to our transition campaign was:


Here is a short list of things that have come to us during the transition:

  • Lectern donated from our great friends at Grace Church Bellingham that ended up exactly matching our communion table.
  • Dave Bulger’s friend Kevin has lent us the use of a very substantial sound system!
  • We got 60 chairs for FREE from the Salvation Army up in Mission B.C..
  • We got all kinds of beautiful furniture and items from our friend Lucy in Lynden. She even paid to have it delivered!
  • Our sign was made and given to us for free! I just didn’t see that one coming at all!
  • Our Landlord had the building pressure-washed, all carpets professionally cleaned, and gas heaters in every room
  • Dave Bulger is a plumber, and his boss offered to pay for time and materials for any plumbing work he does for us!
  • I’m certain I’m forgetting things. It’s been amazing.

Many other people graciously contributed thousands of dollars to see this church established in this beautiful downtown area of Bellingham. The donations added up to $6500 in the end. Since the additional money we were seeking was for things like chairs, signs, pressure washing, and other furniture, we are declaring our transition a sparkling and tremendous success! Thank you all for all your prayers, gifts, and help! What an amazing time this is!

Keep praying for us now, that the amazing message of the grace of God in Christ will ring loud and clear throughout this city, and that we will grow with many people who have entered into gospel astonishment.

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