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Here is a selection from one of my journals; I hope someone enjoys it.
You are no theory
no mere unmoved mover
no mere philosophical necessity
You are the God who is REAL
the God of truth
the God who must be
the God who is my great and lasting passion
mystery of mysteries
hidden yet inevitable
perfect perfect perfect
is every thought
every time
every mercy
every revelation
every hidden thing
perfect and wonderful!
What is all of this You have done?
I will arise in wonder
and say I am in awe
of the great and beautiful mystery
of the gift of existence!
O whose hand has set this seed to take root
and to reach limbs high to the sky?
O whose hand has set matter and energy spinning
in what mystery of time and space and thought?
O who has plumbed the depths of reality
to understand the handiwork
of the God who is REAL?
Who arises to wonder?
Who arises to worship?
Arise all of you arrogant fools!
We all know nothing
but by the grace of the Almighty God of reality
Your ways are perfect from beginning to end Lord
I know nothing of what You will do!
But I know You are real
and I do fiercely and deeply love You
and I will say with my whole soul
that You are a God of excellence and splendor
a God of truth and reality
a God mystery and revelation
a God of surprises and present power
a God to whom creating the universe was but a trifle
but who will spend eternity in speaking wonders
to His bride in whom He has set autonomy and eternity
yet so as not to know all
in order to long for and ache and thirst
for God
as a lover for the presence of her love!

So do I long for You Lord
I lift my hands from the miry pit
and arise to triumph
in praise to You.

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