This is where You’re gonna do it?

My friend Mike Rehmet told a story about his wife Gina, who likes plants but apparently doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs. She brought home a new potted plant and set it on the front porch. As they were going out, he noticed the plant there, and said, “so – this is where you’re gonna […]

Mockingbird Fall Conference 2012 – Ethan Richardson

This is much more a reflection on the subjects that Ethan Richardson raised in his presentation than a review of his actual talk, in fact his session was far more profound than this post. Sorry Ethan! Two main topics jumped out at me: the plight of 20 somethings, and our use of electronic social media. […]

Mockingbird Fall Conference 2012 – Matt Sitman

Matt Sitman, a really brilliant young man and a professor of political theory at the University of Virginia, gave a very interesting and candid talk at the Mockingbird conference this year, and it raised some ideas that I’ve been chewing on quite a bit. All the recordings for the conference are on mockingbird’s site: C’ville Conference […]

Mockingbird Fall Conference 2012 – RJ Heijmen

The Fall Mockingbird conference is now over, and it was a DOOZY! The subject overall was grace and suffering. As is my wont, I am not going to post a critical review, or a regurgitation of content, but rather my own reflections on the material. All the recordings for the conference are on mockingbird’s site: […]