We’re Starting a Church!

We will be continuing to do all we can to expand the reach of Therefore Now Ministries as well; we see these two ministries as being very closely tied. All new study and speculation and out-loud thinking over theological issues will continue to happen on thereforenow.com, which is my main personal blog.

The Euthyphro Dilemma

No, this isn’t my next intrigue novel! This is a reference to one of Plato’s dialogs, where according to wikipedia Socrates asks, “Is the pious (τὸ ὅσιον) loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?” A more current monotheistic person would phrase the question […]

Blessed and not cursed!

I am blessed and not cursed. I am loved by God whether I feel like it or not. I am forgiven even when I just can’t imagine that. When I fail, he doesn’t see me as a failure. When I feel alone, I am surrounded by him and his presence. I matter to him. Thank […]

confessing pensive thoughts

I don’t know what any of this has to do with anything, but I’m under grace and sometimes I am allowed to be pensive. I don’t feel like writing anything insightful, but I am going to confess some feelings lurking. Lucky you, you get to read it! I saw a magnificent tree growing in the […]

Tiny Grace

My wife Betty, who is the very queen of grace, relayed another of the many stories of God’s manifest kindness in her life the other day. How wonderful to see things work out “on earth as it is in heaven”! She was at the discount store, and was buying something for a friend. Apparently, she […]

everything is different

everything in the world is differenteverythingyour own fingerprints on your own handsare differentevery blade of grassevery treeevery thoughtevery secondevery birth and deathevery dog is differentI learned this from my 8 year old sonwho is quite different from his brothers.

The Metric System

My 10 year old asked me my opinion about whether we should keep the English System, or go to the metric system, and I realized I didn’t really have an opinion about this. Upon reflection, I decided that I think the English system is the way to go, for these reasons. Let’s suppose that when […]

Light has no speed

This is truly a random insight. I’m sure a real physicist will tear this down in a few seconds, but it makes a lot of sense to me.=========================If you mess with the math a bit on the equation e=mc2, then space and time at the speed of light shrink to nothing, and the person’s mass […]

Music and the Long Now

I read a book a while back that my mind often goes back to, called The Clock of the Long Now. They are trying to build a 10,000 year clock, and the basic idea is to force us to think in terms of the impact of our work and our mistakes in a longer term […]

Human progress is more than technological progress

Futurists, people who try to imagine what the future will be like, often think in terms of technology. Judging the progress of humanity by technology alone is similar to judging the progress of history by wars alone. We have come a tremendous way in providing agriculture and domesticated animals so that we no longer have […]