The river    touches mountain and soundfor millenia flowing    wild and free    confined to its ribbon bed is this water        one with the glacier        one with the delta    or separate different        is light a wave        am I the one soul  […]

you may think

you may think you may thinkthese are wordsthis is a poemthis looks like a clever one you may thinkyou can read itappreciate itlike a daffodil or a butterfly you may thinkhe is a poetyou are an enlightened readeryou appreciate his fine work you may thinkthis guy suckshe thinks this is poetryI’ve read Milton and Yeats […]

turn as one

Oh!the cloud of white birdsturn as oneacross the vast farmlandfor an instant shinein the waning sunOh!the white birds turn as one.Oh!the white mountains shine behind.Oh!the fast riverflows around the smooth smooth stones.Oh!the farmer wipes her browand turns againto the nascent living soil.Oh! Oh!beautiful beautiful beautiful day.I and my son turn as oneand walk back home.Oh!we […]


stillthe fog hangswhite mist gently obscuringthe trees stand as gray shadowsthe moon a blurred whitenessa slight mist moistensfrom the deep skythe frosted meadow glistens stillI watch as my mindclamors for succoruntil as a babeI settle all peaceas in my mother’s arms still


(image courtesy of h.koppdelaney) the time has come from       every universe       all eternity       every potential       all possibility the time is now just       this once       once again       we converge together       at this […]


Rhythm The rhythm of the waveswashes the airan ever changing ostinatoSoon fades with the tidesEach time the sameEach time different Leaf upon leaftree upon treeshimmer the mountain in sunlightwhisper on the waves of windEach time the sameEach time different The kiss lingersThe lovers love againUrgently merge waves of savage tendernessIn a counterpoint of shared ecstasyEach […]