Enter Your Rest! Do it!

This post is a reflection on Jacob Goff’s wonderful post on the power of the redeemed mindset. It is very much worth the short read: simulblog.com/2014/05/07/why-christians-cant-believe/ Really, read it and be blessed. I insist! Now, I reflect. Someone commented on Jacob’s article and said they struggle to maintain a redeemed mindset. The brilliant thing about […]

Why is Marriage a Better Freedom than “Shacking Up”?

There are people close to me who have been through a series of broken relationships, where they have moved in with someone, lived together with them for a time, and then for one reason or another, they have broken up. I am really sad to watch them walk through the fallout from it all. I […]

The Horrid and Beautiful Institution of Marriage

My wife Betty is a really great kisser. When I am actually kissing her it feels like a combination of home and gooey chocolate brownies and rainbows and joy all wrapped up together. She used to do this thing where she would pirouette in this little joy dance when we were walking, and she sometimes […]