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I want to take a few minutes to let you know that we are starting a new church in Whatcom County WA, called Bread and Wine Fellowship! The first service will be Sunday July 6th at 10:30 AM. I wanted to share a bit of the vision for the church and also explain what that means for the future of Therefore Now Ministries and thereforenow.com.

Bread and Wine Fellowship

Yes, it really looks like this in Whatcom County WA! This is Mt. Baker.

Yes, it really looks like this in Whatcom County WA! This is Mt. Baker.

Bread and Wine Fellowship is the name of the new church. It is a gospel/grace centered church that is right in line with the theology that has been articulated over and over on thereforenow.com. It is also on the charismatic side of the aisle, so have lots of hand-raising and even dancing, and when we’re praying you might hear some strange tongues going on.

We not only do communion every week, we make communion and prayer the central focus of the service. We look at communion as the Lord’s way of having us remember His body and blood shed for us (which is focused internally on believers) and to proclaim His death (which is focused externally on non-believers). We will be largely doing expository preaching, going straight through the Bible one book at a time, with occasional pauses for topical messages. Betty and I have teamed up with some incredible musicians and if our rehearsals are any indication the music is going to be out of this world! Betty and I have also been heavily involved working with children so I think the children’s program is going to be fantastic. Through object lessons, games, stories, crafts, and whatnot, we are having the children go through the same passages as the adults, so parents will know exactly what their children are learning. As the senior pastor I take a large interest in the teaching that the children are receiving so that parents can rest assured that they will be getting a very accurate biblical education in the ways of the gospel.

We are also partnering with a shelter for battered women and some other similar ministries in the area to see the message of the glorious grace of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ go out to those who really need it badly. We are very excited to see the power of forgiveness and persistent love reach through to “bruised reed” people to bring light and healing. It is a huge part of our identity.

Therefore Now Ministries

From time to time I and others will be blogging on the Bread and Wine web site, but that material will always be directed towards Bread and Wine members; think of these things as announcements or very directed teachings for the church. We will be continuing to do all we can to expand the reach of Therefore Now Ministries as well; we see these two ministries as being very closely tied. All new study and speculation and out-loud thinking over theological issues will continue to happen on thereforenow.com, which is my main personal blog. We have been invited to minister to a number of churches to share music and teaching, and we continue to hope that opportunities will grow for that. A new book on 1 John called “Grace in Community” is coming out August 25, and I have more books in mind! During this time, we really do need your prayers and support to help get this whole thing off the ground! We are SO GRATEFUL to all of our friends and faithful readers. Blessings and grace and abundant life to you all!

Jim McNeely

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  1. I wish you all the best on your first Sunday Service with Bread and Wine Fellowship. Sure wish I could join you to celebrate your first service, and would if it were not for my job at New Life. But I’ll be right around the corner from you and praying for you and your new church!

  2. We’re definitely looking forward to attending The Lords first attendance at bread and wine …. 🙂 Marie and I will be there too ! Lord willing and the mountain don’t blow….
    Joseph & Marie.

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