New Series: Book of John

Gospel of John

I’m starting a new study of the Gospel of John, so I thought I may as well post some of my work here as I go. This is just an outline and some other stuff like that. Nothing earth-shattering — yet! I hope this is helpful to someone out there, though.

Outline of the Gospel of John

  I. Jesus’ Introduction to the World 1:1-18
    A. The Logos 1:1-4
    B. John the Baptist’s Identity 1:5-8
    C. The Word made flesh 1:9-18
    D. John the Baptist’s Testimony 1:19 - 34
    E. Jesus calls His disciples 1:35 - 51
  II. Jesus’ Manifestation to the Nation 2:1-12:50
    A. Beginning Public Ministry
      1. Miracle 1: Water to Wine 2:1-12
      2. Jesus cleanses the temple 2:13-25
      3. Discourse 1: with Nicodemus 3:1-21
      4. John the Baptist exalts Jesus 3:22-36
      5. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman 4:1-45
      6. Miracle 2: Jesus Heals an Official’s Son 4:46-54
    B. Contentious Public Ministry
      1. Miracle 3: Healing at the Pool 5:1-47
        a. Miracle 5:1-47
        b. Discourse 2: Sent from the Father 5:19-47
      2. Miracle 4: Jesus Feeds 5000 John 6:1-71
        a. Miracle 6:1-15
        b. (Miracle 5: Disciples and Jesus cross lake) John 6:16-21
        c. Discourse 3: Bread of Life 6:22-71
      3. Discourse 4: Living Water (at Feast of Booths) 7:1-53
      4. Woman Caught in Adultery 8:1-11
      5. Discourse 5: Light of the World 8:1-59
      6. Miracle 6: Blind Man Healed 9:1-41
      7. Discourse 6a: The Good Shepherd 10:1-21
      8. Discourse 6b: I and the Father are one 10:22-42
      9. Miracle 7: Lazarus Raised 11:1-57
    C. Final Public Ministry 12:1-50
      1. Mary Anoints Jesus 12:1-8
      2. Murderous plots 12:9-11
      3. Triumphal Entry 12:12-19
      4. Discourse 7: Lifted Up from the Earth 12:20-50
  III. Jesus’ Final Teaching to Disciples 13-17
    A. Foot Washing 13:1-20
    B. Jesus’ Departure 13:21-38
    C. Jesus, the Way 14:1-14
    D. Promise of the Holy Spirit 14:15-31
    E. Vine and Branches 15:1-17
    F. World hates you 15:18-16:3
    G. The work of the Holy Spirit 16:4-15
    H. Coming changes will turn out joyfully 16:16-33
    I. Jesus intercession 17
  IV. Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection 18-20
    A. arrest 18:1-11
    B. trial and denial 18:12-19:16
    C. crucifixion 19:17-37
    D. burial 19:38-42
    E. resurrection 20:1-29
  V. Epilog
    A. Purpose of book 20:30-31
    B. Breakfast with Jesus 21:1-14
    C. Peter restored 21:15-23
    D. Ending statements 21:24-25

Jesus’ public discourses in the Gospel of John

Discourse Audience Subject Reference
1 Nicodemus New Birth 3:1-21
2 Jewish Leaders Jesus sent from Father 5:19-47
3 Hungry Followers Bread of Life 6:22-71
4 Jewish Nation Living Water 7:1-53
5 Jewish Leaders Light of the World 8:1-59
6 Jewish Leaders The Good Shepherd 10:1-42
7 Jewish Nation Lifted Up from Earth 12:20-50

I think it is very helpful to have a big picture understanding of a book as you study it, so you can see the relation of the details to the larger picture better. Also, it is nice to ponder the overall flow of a book and the reasons why one section leads to another. There are only 7 miracles mentioned in Jesus’ public ministry in John’s gospel, and we know from the text that he picked a few for specific reasons (John 20:30). So this is a clue that we can ask why these particular miracles were included in the flow of the book. That is the kind of thing I’ll be looking for as we go.

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