Here I am

O Father,

I have offended angelic majesties 1000 times over
I am ignorant and sinful
lying, lustful, fearful, angry, lazy, selfish, greedy, and more
I don’t trust in my own deeds.
Forgive me, I confess it all. It is all true.

I throw me down at the foot of your gracious throne,
boldly, because I honor the blood spilt for me,
I dare not say it is of no account.

My heart’s true passion is to pass this grace along
to other hungry poor mourning sinners.
We are to be perfect as You are
but we are not,
and our imperfections are true evil and no accident at all.

I am a sinful man
and I live among sinful men
cleanse us and we shall be clean,
a true cleansing with no lingering regret of the heart
for the so-called pleasures of sin.
In Your hand there are pleasures forever.

As You have loved me, so help me to love others,
not as meriting love, not as perfect,
not as righteous and deserving,
just as my unjust thoughts and deeds and desires
cry out for mercy in Christ,
so let the injustices done to me
cry out for mercy.

It is no great burden. Your yoke is easy. Belief -> confession and love.

The harvest is very great
because of Your great mercy,
Here I am. Send me!


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