Kiss that crazy girl!

You’re gonna       
        jump into that wild blue
        kiss that crazy girl
                move there
                stay here
After all
        This number
        not that one
                        made this cosmic wild
        This note
                not that one
                        made the song right

                        This word
                        This job
                        This color
                        This tree
                        This breeze
                        This name
God said
        Let there be

There was the universe
        unsung and unseen
        as yet not made
waiting and desperate to burst forth

And God waited
        until a certain time
                this time not that
        God said LET
        Let the world burst forth
Let the desire and the glory
        burst forth into being
        The fear over this and not that
                Burst apart into being
        The possibly better universe
        Split open to reveal the real
And light spilled out
        to all the seers and visionaries
        all the mothers
        who loved this guy not that one
And brought forth
        this child and not that
And so Bach’s cello suite
        And African peanut soup
        And the miles of raspberry fields near my house
Came to be

This is the day
        The Lord has made.

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  1. This reminds me of your piano playing…in your dad’s house, years ago…of you jumping to Keith Green….of peanut butter in raisin bran…of a time when life was more potential than memory.

    I’ve read it a few times now. You should do more of this.

  2. Hi! I was just googling for a picture of feet in water. Clicked on this. I too love Jesus and all the amazing things of God’s creation like trees and watermelon. I also love playing the Piano and learning. Just a neat little meant to be moment : )

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