A Cosmic Christmas

Hubble Telescope Photo, An Eclectic Mix of Galaxies

It’s Christmas, and my thoughts always turn to the cosmic. Why?

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.
14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

The shocking and almost insane thing that Christians believe, is that the creator of all things became a tiny frail baby and grew into a young man. We get to see how God would live if He were a man, because He did become a man. How is this possible? Is God limited in His abilities? If He can do anything, such as speak universes into existence, then why not this? This is what I believe.

The evidence that the universe was created by a super-intelligent designer is overwhelming. There are over 26 constants in physics which have been thus far discovered which must be finely tuned together just so for the universe as we know it to exist. If one or the other of them were not exactly the value they are, hydrogen could not fuse in the hearts of stars to produce energy, planets could not coalesce, complex atoms such as carbon could not form, molecules could not form, or the big bang itself would have collapsed upon itself within an instant of happening.

Then, the whole complexity is compounded by the appearance of life. The simplest living cell is many of orders of magnitude more complex than anything else in the universe. We may quibble over whether adaptive mutations are able to produce new species, but there is no question that the appearance of life at all is a very great mystery.

These facts of science point so overwhelmingly to a super-intelligent designer that atheists have resorted to their own form of mythology to account for what they are finding. Many have posited that there is not just our one universe, but that there is a great preponderance of alternate universes where the physical constants may be different. Others posit that there was not just this instance of the big bang, but that the universe is a big pulsing everlasting thing, big-banging, coalescing, big-banging again, etc., and that whether spatially or temporally, we have a large number of random attempts to produce the random result we now enjoy. This is supposed to be more rational than belief in a Creator, although it isn’t really science. Science is supposed to be based on physical empirical evidence, and verifiable or falsifiable based on reproducible experimentation. Obviously they have resorted to myth, the very thing the theists are accused of.

Often the discussion sounds like we are talking about flipping coins. You flip the coin, and yes! Here is a friendly universe with life on earth! Flip it again, woops! It didn’t work. In reality, for the iconic monkey flipping coins, you would need to flip the coin around 45 million times (assuming 928913 words * avg 6 characters/word * 8 binary bits per word) in a perfect sequence to produce the complete works of Shakespeare. EACH PARAMETER is more or less a ‘complete works of Shakespeare’ situation, and the right structures and sequences for simple one-celled life are even more complex. It seems entirely plausible to think that you could flip enough coins to try to get our current result a veritable infinity of times and never get our current result.

I want to say something else that often gets lost in this. I don’t really care what professional atheistic philosopher/scientists say when they resort to nonsense, because they are more about preserving their standing by defending the status quo than about being reasonable. I’m worried about what a normal thinking person might be persuaded by. So, which seems more reasonable, to believe in a Creator, or to believe in an impossible to verify godless multiverse? Is the existence of millions of universes supposed to be easier to explain than the existence of this amazing one? Where did they come from? Let every reasonable person come to their own conclusion.

As Christians, we believe in the God who is real. There is a God, a Creator. The first pond scum had DNA and structures which harnessed principles of quantum entanglement to synthesize energy and food to grow. The universe is expanding, and is on a clear course to continue to expand. There is no evidence for an oscillation back to a singularity towards another big bang. Atheistic scientists are motivated for metaphysical reasons to disbelieve their own results. Despite what they believe, the truth is, God exists. It is entirely reasonable to believe that He created all things, and created life. We have a great preponderance of evidence, given to us through the very people who seek to disprove it, that God indeed designed the universe at large and life on earth. There is no other conclusion for a reasonable person.

And so at Christmas, we worship Him through Whom all things were created, and rightly so.

You are One,
the great I Am,
You are the Child of Bethlehem,
You are the God who is Real.

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