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Ps 119:18 Open my eyes, that I may behold Wonderful things from Thy law.


Father, yesterday was a wonderful study, I don’t think I can expect a study to come together that miraculously every day. But You are God, and everything You do is a miracle! Teach us Lord, change us, forgive us, inspire us, do Your miracles in us, get us ready for heaven. Show us Your beauty and humility and truth. Amen!


“…Wonderful things from THY law.” Whose law is it? Whose wonder? Whose wisdom? GOD’S. He who crafted the universe, He who invented life, He who made all things. He has spoken. He is the giver of wisdom and truth, the author. So it is He who can open our minds to it. It is always right and worth it to go straight to His word, His truth, directly. God bless gifted and anointed men who teach the word, but it is best to first go to the source, and take from His law. This was a big deal in the protestant reformation, because at the time the catholic priesthood wanted no common person to read the scriptures for themselves, they wanted to be the arbiters of scriptural truth. This is largely because they were teaching tremendous error as if it were in the Bible, and making money from it. They were much worse than televangelists. If we want to walk truly with God, we also need to have the courage and do the work to base our thinking and opinions on the Bible itself, our own knowledge and study, and not someone else’s. This is not to say that we need to develop our own private interpretation of things, by the way – that is a sure path to error as well. It puts it all in perspective if we look at this verse: Open THOU mine eyes, that I may behold wonderful things from THY law.

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