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Yet another post on the same two verses! Yes. Yes indeed.
Ps 119:5 Oh that my ways may be established To keep Thy statutes!
6 Then I shall not be ashamed When I look upon all Thy commandments.

O God, we have many ideas and plans and aspirations. We are distracted by many things we are pressed into against our desires, and many things we desire weigh on us too. The world has pressed each of us into bearing our cross, and I thank You that our cross is a precious thing to You. Give us insight this new year’s day, and strengthen us to equal the battle in this coming year. Amen!

When I look upon all THY commandments: These are the commands of God, who created the universe and all of life, who knit your soul in secret and gave you the mysterious breath of life. These are the commands of God, who would rather die than live without you. I say, let us make every sacrifice to attend to GOD’s words, no amount of busy-ness, even ministry, is worth neglecting His commands.

Also, it is very very personal at this point. No one else can live the commands of God for you, or teach them, unless You are hungry for them. The psalmist is not going to look at someone’s opinions about God’s commands, or listen to someone teach about God’s commands. Those are not God’s commands, those are someone’s opinions about God’s commands. Even this study is nothing unless it spurs you to look upon His commands yourself. RIGHT?!! Right.
When I look upon all Thy COMMANDMENTS: The Hebrew word “mitsvah” is what’s given here. It means, (drum roll please) COMMANDMENTS! Well, let’s think about this. Does a commandment mean that you are forced to do it, like a robot, that it is so written and then inexorably it will be done? No, not at all. God issues these commandments, and there is a high likelihood that they will NOT be done. Are they advice or opinions? No, a commandment carries much greater weight than that.

So, here is your homework. If a commandment is not the declaration of a certainty, then what is the difference between a commandment and a suggestion? POST A COMMENT BACK TO ME! I COMMAND IT! heh heh heh.

Tomorrow we’ll be going over to v. 11, so I hope you have done a little bit of work at least on your observations on it. Then you’ll see if your own personal “look upon” matches up with mine. I hope it doesn’t – I hope you get more than me.

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