O and the ocean does churn
and the mountains do stand
and the sun does shine across the waters

And all the critics
fight the constant tide
of trivia and envy and need

The tiny child rests against
its mother’s quiet breast
safe and unknowing
a part of
apart from
all the angry urgent majestic world.

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  1. your comment on Thich led me back here- and this is just excellent! I really believe there is an ancient draw of both the oceans and the mountains on us. We were a part of either and both of them for 100s of 1000s of year- our dna, our spirits, our language are bent toward and around them. And they do calm, like a mother's arms. You've nailed the feeling here! Blessings..David Weber

  2. true, we are a part of nature and yet apart, separate, as CS Lewis said, beyond nature. It is the uniqueness of being human – we are apart from and yet a part of nature. And subject to all the bickering and ambition of human society.

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