The wild river

I went down to the wild river today
It is sometimes opaque turquoise, sometimes gray, sometimes blue. It is never the same.
today it was clear emerald green
with a mighty constant roar
and white foam bursting from the stolid rock
standing firm in the wild frothy midst.

The boulders and banks were covered in white snow
with dark green and orange lichen peeking through
and old growth evergreen forest dappled with white
silently and grandly standing watch
pointing courageously into the deep sky.

Behind them stood the frosted silent mountains
And i cried
because this is God’s cathedral
this is God’s music
this is sacredness
beyond culture and fashion
beyond fear whether I belong here or not
beyond my responsibility to clean it up
O God unnumbify me
awaken me to the grand mystery
of existence.

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