Podcast 6: Discipleship Under Grace

A freewheeling discussion about discipleship under grace with Jim McNeely and Dax Swanson. How did Jesus actually do discipleship? The answer is surprising! How does the gospel of grace inform our notion of discipleship?

Kindness and Severity in the Community of Grace

The issue of forgiveness and continuity of relationship is utterly central to the Christian faith. Obviously, since we live on planet earth among humans, our practical understanding of these things is constantly being challenged. Forgiveness is powerful because it is so needful. We had a conversation a while back with a woman who had divorced […]

The Cross of Christ Declares the Power of Obedience

Obedience is all about entering your rest (Hebrews 4:3). Obedience relieves me of the distress of being smart enough to create my own vision, developing my own resources, forging my own message, and in general inventing my own successful life. If I am inventing my own successful life, then whenever I am challenged, I have to make sure I have a strong enough plan to answer every objection. However, if I am simply being obedient to another, none of these things are my problem.

Take that!

When my thirst got great enough to ask, a clear stream welled up inside, some jade wave buoyed me forward, and I found myself upright in the instant, with a garden inside my own ribs aflourish. There, the arbor leafs. The vines push out plump grapes. You are loved, someone said. Take that and eat […]

The Real Problem with World Vision

World Vision has been in the news quite a bit lately with its flip-flopping stance on accepting workers who are openly gay. There are extremely strong statements both for and against this issue. Let’s say this up front: I doubt my thoughts here are going to satisfy either side. Let me say that I can […]

Some Crazy Ideas About Forgiveness

I read an article recently, “Why ‘Forgiveness Is a Gift You Give Yourself’ Is a Dangerous Myth”, which I largely agree with. It prompted me to want to clarify some of my ideas about forgiveness, as I realized I don’t have a single post to point to which lays these ideas out. If you think […]

Podcast 5: All About Communion

Our faith does not depend upon our love for God, but upon the real-world demonstration through the cross of His love for us. Mere belief in this knowledge is our entrance into the world of perfect love, where God’s love outlasts, outshines, and outlives our imperfections. It is His love for us which is the […]

Damaging Christianese: Godly Kids

I’m starting a little ongoing series called “Damaging Christianese” where I take pithy little quotes I happen across to unpack them and debunk them. I read this little jewel of a quote on someone’s facebook page. I’m sure to most people it seems innocent enough: The best thing moms can do for her faith is […]

This is your Fiery Sermon?

Someone might object that I am ignoring the context of 1 John 4. It says that if we say we love God and yet don’t love our brethren, we are all a sham (1 John 4:20). You have to love your neighbor; not doing so proves you don’t love God! Here’s what I’m saying—yes, that […]

podcast 4: A Conversation About Lordship Salvation

Dax Swanson is a graduate of Princeton University, doctor, medical missionary to Africa, and former student body president at John MacArthur’s Master’s Seminary, and is now pastor of Grace Church Bellingham. He counts it all rubbish with Jim McNeely as he discusses his amazing journey out of Lordship Salvation to become a gospel-centered radical grace […]