Me DOING or Me NOT DOING is still all about ME

Tullian Tchividjian has an excellent blog post on the one-way love of God here: Many times in our discussions about law vs. works and whether or not we should fruit check and the relationship between justification and sanctification and all of that, perhaps we miss this very point. The MAIN THING about grace is […]

The Salt Mine is Closed

He [Paul in Romans 8:1) has not said, “God has done this and that and the other thing; and if by dint of imagination you can manage to pull it all together, you may be able to experience a little solace in the prison of your days.” No. He has simply said, “You are free. […]

The Life of Jacob According to Grace

I’ve been reading Genesis 25-33 about the life of Jacob. He is a very strange figure indeed, but I began to think about the events in his life from the perspective of grace. Here is a guy who is chosen beforehand more clearly than just about anyone else in history by God for blessing. He […]