The Two Universes – more thoughts

I have some further meditations on this idea of the two universes. First, to clarify EXACTLY what I’m saying. The main point is that there are two spiritual universes, the universe where you start off unapproved, and the universe where you start off approved. I think of them also as the “world” and the kingdom […]

Alien Intelligence?

  A recent article on NPR’s website postulates that it is credible science to think that aliens had a hand in creating life on earth. As a theist and an old earth advocate (not a young earth creationist), I have to say I marvel at the ends “science” will go to to suppress the obvious […]

Announcing New Teaching Series: Reasonable Grace

Reasonable Grace Living under grace means living a convinced life as one greatly loved and greatly forgiven. It means living beyond obligation, beyond karma, beyond the cycle of reaping what you sow. Grace means radical kindness, love coming at you when you don’t deserve it, life redeemed and freed from the prison of ought. Life […]

Our Inner Ancient Booer

  Yet, love cannot be commanded. If you pick up a small child and shake him harshly and demand that he love you, he may eventually pretend love to avoid further abuse, but he will not really love you. A man cannot hold a gun to a woman’s head and command real love. Love cannot […]

Me DOING or Me NOT DOING is still all about ME

Tullian Tchividjian has an excellent blog post on the one-way love of God here: Many times in our discussions about law vs. works and whether or not we should fruit check and the relationship between justification and sanctification and all of that, perhaps we miss this very point. The MAIN THING about grace is […]