how you look

I’ve walked this path 1000 days seasoned with snow sun mist it changes how you look an eagle’s nest hides in that tree each day I marvel all the same stories spin around that tree the river hides in that stretch the edge of the water hides down that bend I remember the stones dappled […]

Don’t you know

Don’t you know who I am? You don’t know who I am. who am I? don’t know you. Am know don’t you who I Who I am, you don’t know.

winter twilight

pink sky fades to orange twilight deep violet beyond frosted mountains stand glowing against the sky cedar and fern point their silhouettes proudly against the splendid end of day. The emerald green river in its rage has changed its bed again the last few weeks of rest before spring’s thaw awakens its rage. Weary from […]


photo © 2007 Mike Baird | more info (via: Wylio)   a hint of spring sweetness graces the cold air the river has changed since last I went this way standing on long legs sensuous neck held aloft impossible ungainly a great blue heron lunges into flight glides effortless over the water


against the black mountain beneath the clouded skies above the leafless trees beyond the dull roar of the swollen gray river the white bird turns in relief I turn and wend my way homeward.


1. the architect envisions    the site    the purposesits at the table    with pen and tools        carefully             draws lines            crafts letters    sips coffee    scratches his headerases thingspauses to thinksoon the plans are finished. hot persistent terrible burningsuffocating […]


The river    touches mountain and soundfor millenia flowing    wild and free    confined to its ribbon bed is this water        one with the glacier        one with the delta    or separate different        is light a wave        am I the one soul  […]

you may think

you may think you may thinkthese are wordsthis is a poemthis looks like a clever one you may thinkyou can read itappreciate itlike a daffodil or a butterfly you may thinkhe is a poetyou are an enlightened readeryou appreciate his fine work you may thinkthis guy suckshe thinks this is poetryI’ve read Milton and Yeats […]

turn as one

Oh!the cloud of white birdsturn as oneacross the vast farmlandfor an instant shinein the waning sunOh!the white birds turn as one.Oh!the white mountains shine behind.Oh!the fast riverflows around the smooth smooth stones.Oh!the farmer wipes her browand turns againto the nascent living soil.Oh! Oh!beautiful beautiful beautiful day.I and my son turn as oneand walk back home.Oh!we […]


stillthe fog hangswhite mist gently obscuringthe trees stand as gray shadowsthe moon a blurred whitenessa slight mist moistensfrom the deep skythe frosted meadow glistens stillI watch as my mindclamors for succoruntil as a babeI settle all peaceas in my mother’s arms still